May, 4 2018

I am excited to announce that my first novel is now available. Buy it. Read it. Review it. Write me about it. It is short and sweet if not a little dark but lyrical.

           Buy a copy here!
February 9, 2018

Advanced copies of How the Butcher Bird Finds Her Voice are making their way to different outlets for review! It's very exciting to come home and find a package leaned on your front door with your first novel in it.

Here is an interview that really polishes all my rough edges. It's a great read, and the same interview made it's way here . . . 

Finally, check out this interview (I'd say fantastic interview -- but for some reason the word fantastic just doesn't seem sincere anymore these days)!

January 17, 2018

2018 is looking to be a big year. Ink & Letters just nominated "Creatures of the Dark" for a Pushcart Prize, and How the Butcher Bird Finds Her Voice, my first novel, is only a few months away from hitting shelves, or Amazon warehouses.

I'm reading at AWP this year too, so if you're in Tampa Bay in March -- come hear me read from the novel.

Maybe I should add locations to different readings that I'll be giving this year. That's an idea!
August 2, 2016

A smattering of stories and poems are sitting on editors' desks elsewhere, and while I wait to hear about those submissions, I toil away on my long overdue Postworld novel.

I say overdue because it's been in my head for years and years and I spend time on everything else, it seems. (Although I do have a finished manuscript -- it just needs a handful, maybe even a fistful, of daring edits.)

In this new post-truth age my correspondence with editors this year has been a pleasure, and I enjoy the cat and mouse process of small press and small journal publications communicating about their visions and their needs. We are a small industry of content creators and it is a refreshing bubble, even with its rejections, to escape into when the world struggles with terrible authority.